Donation Request

Please be aware that we receive an abundance of donation request forms every week. Unfortunately, we are only able to satisfy a few a year and most of them are already booked a year in advance. All donations will be approved or declined by Muller Inflatables staff. We always approve donations involving the sickness of a child first.

Once you’ve reviewed the guidelines below, please contact us at and request a donation request form. The form will need to be emailed back to us or mailed back to us at 114 Sun Village Dr. Lafayette, LA 70506.

Before requesting a donation request form, please make sure you’ve read the below guidelines & agree to them:
1. You must complete the application in its entirety. We cannot accept incomplete applications.
2. Donations will be considered to areas we service on a regular basis. We do not donate to areas outside of our delivery zone.
3. Donations to be considered must have grass placement and require no more than one truck/associate delivering the inflatable.
4. Due to the size of our company, the number of units, and the number of employees we have, no donations are likely to be considered of any inflatables in the month of May-August. We apologize for any inconvenience this might bring.
5. You must have power available within 50-75ft. max in order to receive the inflatable donation. This needs to be determined BEFOREHAND. If we come out without a viable electric outlet, we will have to charge you for the time. You must also have an area for the inflatable that will not only fit the inflatable, but ensure 5ft all the way around the perimeter of the inflatable.
6. Priority is always given to local families & children.
7. The organization must have someone there to receive our inflatable donation, go over the safety rules & instructions, and sign off that they will operate the inflatable according to the rules & instructions. They must also sign our contract for the inflatable and take responsibility of any and all activities on our rental equipment while in their supervision.
9. A responsible adult (18+) must be in attendance for all of our rental equipment at all times. They must be enforcing our rules & regulations.

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